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Insider Strategies Are Yours for the Asking

I spent a good chunk of the holiday break assembling a series of Insider Strategies resources. The goal of these quick-hitting one-pagers? To help you sharpen your communications edge. More to the point, these thought pieces exist to help you reach your career ambitions and to move your company toward achieving its business and public […]

Reader Mailbag: Questions I Hear as an Author

People seem fascinated by authors. I don’t say this to puff up my own profile. I recall feeling the same way as a reader before publishing my first book. Looking at it from the outside, it does seem a daunting endeavor — writing many thousands of words. Shaping them into a coherent flow. Dividing the […]

A Range of Resources to Keep Your Head Above Water

The past few weeks have been a blur for all of us. Was it really less than a month ago we were all told to stay home? Could it be possible that I have not used Washington’s Metro subway since last month? Why is this monk-like existence beginning to feel customary? My sense is that […]

Five Misunderstood Things About Messaging

The messaging surrounding your company’s critical issues poses interesting challenges. In my experience, there are two extremes. One end of the scale – let’s call it the scardy cat method — finds the effort overwhelmingly hard and complex when, in fact, they make it more difficult than it needs to be. The other extreme — […]

What Is Media Training?

Media training is an integral part of a company’s communications strategy. Your spokespeople need a sense of how the media works and what it wants. That’s what a quality media training regimen delivers. Of equal importance, your C-suite executives must internalize your messaging and have the wherewithal to deliver it concisely and consistently. While most […]

Circle Your Calendar: January 8

It’s time for another reveal. My next book, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers, is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, January 8. What is so special about a publication date? Won’t the book be available for sale any time after that? The answer is yes. All the same, the publication […]

The Big Reveal

Don’t you love to be let in on a secret? I thought so. As a loyal member of our C-suite Blueprint community, here’s a sneak peek that I haven’t published anywhere else—until today. I’m working hard on my next book, to be published later in 2018. There. I’ve made the commitment publicly. I’m excited, to […]