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Polished Podcasting Policies with John Gilroy

We talk about the how to’s of podcasting with John Gilroy on this edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio. For 25 years, Gilroy appeared as one of the Computer Guys on Washington, D.C.’s NPR affiliate, WAMU. He has penned more than 500 technology columns for The Washington Post among others, and spent 10 years as an […]

Full Text Speeches Work When Done Right

Not long ago, I was involved in a LinkedIn discussion about full text speeches — the type where you read verbatim from a TelePrompTer or a hard copy script. Someone asked whether they were preferred over notes or bullet points. Several people responded emphatically that they would never recommend a full text speech (though, as […]

Opportunity Knocking: Dealing with Q&A

How do you react when confronted with questions — sometimes tough questions — from reporters, audiences, colleagues, or policymakers? Literal responses often fail to get your message across. Some people — even senior executives — quake when questioned. What can you do? Think of each question as opportunity knocking. That’s how Paul Minehart approaches it. […]

Introducing Ed-itorials

You may know that I’m a former radio broadcaster. I loved the medium and the ability to create wordscapes — to let the listener paint their own pictures. I can’t count the number of times I met listeners and was greeted with “Oh, that’s what you look like” (while I fantasized that many of them […]

What to Do After Your Media Interview

Here’s an excerpt based on Chapter Five of my latest book, Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies, available wherever you prefer to buy your books. The chapter contains “Hot 100+ Media Tips.” This segment revolves around how vital it is to assess performance after each and every media interview. Debrief your performance […]

Off the Record: Setting Universal Standards

What does it mean to go “off the record” with a reporter? I’ve just updated a report — Can We Talk Off the Record? Increasing Understanding Between Reporters and Media Relations Experts — that answers that question. No standardized definitions exist. Ask one reporter what off the record means and you’ll get one response. Ask […]

Messaging: Greatest Hits

Your favorite bands and artists issue greatest hits collections every so often. Put out a few new albums, then harvest the best. So, I figured, why not take the same approach here on the C-suite Blueprint blog? Here is a greatest hits compilation of previous posts related to messaging — how to do it, who […]