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The Media’s Role in the Coronavirus Crisis

It’s scary. None of us — medical experts included — really know how this coronavirus outbreak is going to unwind. We can hope that its impact in the U.S. will not rise to the devastating proportions it has reached in places like China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea. The best defense at this point is […]

Podcast Advice, Coronavirus Kick Off New Q&A Video Series

How are governments around the world dealing with the onslaught of the coronavirus? China? Not so good. The rest of the world? The drama is still unfolding. And what steps do you need to take when you’re interviewed on a podcast? Make sure to reinforce your message often, ignore any technical snafus that may occur, […]

Baseball in Crisis: Dueling News Conferences

I’m a huge baseball fan. Sadly, the cheating Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox are making it hard for all of us devotees. I won’t go into the specifics of the scandals surrounding both teams. You can get that from any news source. Major League Baseball and everyone connected with it have to be breathing […]

Anticipating the Severity of Your Crisis

Trick-or-treaters can be scary (or so we all pretend). However, they are no match for a hair-raising crisis belting your business. When a crisis mushrooms, there is a bounty of questions you need to consider, and consider fast. Every crisis is different, so some of these questions may not apply in your case. Of course, […]

What Constitutes a Crisis?

As you know by now, I’m not into writing for technical or academic purposes — which means that my latest book, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers, is not intended as a textbook. Nonetheless, in writing the volume, it became clear that a definition for “crisis” is useful to ensure […]

Crisis Strikes, and Your C-suite Freezes — August Redux

Crises never take a vacation. Calamity may hit your business in the middle of winter or the current dog days of summer. This encore presentation helps you open your C-suite’s eyes when time comes to confront a crisis. Some executives labor under the impression that communications experts can make a crisis go away. Would that […]

Why You Need a Crisis Communications Plan — August Redux

It’s August. Whether you’re at the beach, a mountain lake, or just lazing at home with a summer read, it’s time to kick back. So it is here at the C-suite Blueprint blog. It’s not totally sleepy time, however. I’m resurrecting some old favorites you may have missed the first time around. Comments in the […]