Free Resources Collection Remains Open during the Pandemic

Some jurisdictions are beginning to crawl out from under the isolation necessitated by the pandemic. Select retail and service businesses are opening, at least partially. It is still anyone’s guess when offices will reopen fully and what they will look like (bye, bye, break room; adieu, open office concept).

We still find ourselves in far from an ideal world. Uncertainty and, in some quarters, fear linger. That’s why over the past months I’ve been adding resources to my coronavirus crisis communications page.

As matters begin to edge toward a return to the old days, albeit slowly, additions to the resources page will evolve.

Thank You, Next

The main change? I’m working feverishly on my forthcoming book on media relations. The draft manuscript is now in the hands of my beta readers. What are beta readers? In my case, they are communications colleagues I respect. They graciously agree to provide feedback on such aspects as accuracy, flow, and comprehension. Beta readers for past books have talked me down off numerous ledges, so their contributions are invaluable.

NPC Book Fair 2019 table talk3

Once I have their comments in hand, I’ll make any necessary edits and ship the final draft off to my copy editor. I am also in the process of hiring a cover designer. Despite the fact this work is shorter and done in a much accelerated time frame, I still insist on a professional product.

As you can see there are lots of steps still to go before publication. And I haven’t even mentioned the marketing and promotion efforts. More on that another day.

Everybody Gets One for Free

Why mention the book in the context of free goodies? I’ll be offering the ebook version at no charge. You’ll have to get your copy directly from me here on the C-suite Blueprint blog, through my website, or when offered on my digital media channels, so keep your eyes open for special offers soon. The publishing industry forces me to do it this way since a certain large online bookseller does not allow publishers and authors to distribute their books cost-free unless you assent to use them exclusively for 90 days (I get it; they are in business to make money). Not interested. My business model dictates that my books be available on as many platforms as possible to allow for greater consumer choice.

I have been 100 percent committed since deciding to publish this book to get it in the hands of those who can use during this time of need, and to offer it for free as a means of repaying those kind souls who have helped me through my career.

And It Lives

Does this mean for the coronavirus resources page will wither away? Not at all. I have pledged to keep everything there available for free for the duration of the pandemic.

All I ask in return is that, when you find something of value, you share the link at with colleagues both internal and external, and that you mention it on your digital media channels.

Let me recap the latest additions to the resources:

Deciding when to take down the list will be a tough call since the crisis will not have a firm end date. For the moment, it lives. Check out the resources, and take what you need. My compliments.

You can also get the latest scoop on my forthcoming book by subscribing to the “Communications Community” newsletter. Plus, you get an excerpt from my most recent volume, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers.

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