Guidance for Our New Virtual Meeting World

Video conferencing services like Skype, Webex, and Zoom have surged to the fore of our meeting environment. I’ve published two new tip sheets to help executives navigate this new state of affairs.

Video Conference Advice

The first is for those unexpectedly finding themselves at home, needing to get up to speed pronto on how to participate in a video conference. It outlines what steps to take to exude a professional persona. Among the pointers: Give yourself time to get acquainted with the technology in advance, dress and groom appropriately, and pay attention to your visible background.

The second tip sheet is aimed at those who are new to organizing video conferences. It highlights such advice as the need to inform participants of video logistics, what a moderator’s role should be, and how to end the conference on a high note.

These all sound like common sense steps. However, if you’re new to virtual meetings, paying attention to the finer points will help you concentrate on your communications and public affairs objectives.

Request your copy of either or both of these new resources (please specify) by email.

Free Coronavirus Crisis Communications Resources

This is part of a larger effort to provide information during this crisis period. I’ve opened up emergency free access to a plethora of materials to assist communications and public affairs executives with a coronavirus crisis communications page. It contains resources that offer needed value at this critical and unprecedented time. No sign up is required. Just browse the menu and take what you need.

Not today covid19 coronavirus

Companies that keep their heads above water during these turbulent times will survive the choppy tide. They are also likely to be the ones ready to hit the ground running whenever and however we emerge from the coronavirus-instigated crisis.

This emergency access to free resources is intended to help during the short-term panic and, more importantly, the conditions that materialize once communications and public affairs agendas return to something close to normal.

You’ll find position papers like “Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk” and tip sheets including “Eight Crucial Crisis Communications Clues.” Links to timely videos and entries here on the C-suite Blueprint are also available.

The content will be updated as new backgrounders are developed. Subscribe to the Communications Community newsletter for regular updates.

Maintaining Contact

It is an understatement to say that the coronavirus has thrown a wrench into every company’s communications and public affairs plans. How can smart businesses wade through today’s crisis while working to emerge in reasonable shape once we return to some semblance of normal?

To help ease some of the frustration and fear, I’m offering free 30-minute video conference meetings to help leaders determine how they can deal with current communications and advocacy emergencies while still keeping an eye on the future.

Sign up for your free 30-minute video session at We’ll talk about whatever is on your agenda. Some possibilities:

  • How can communications and government relations executives deal with the current crisis environment?
  • What can you do now in hopes of emerging stronger when matters return to normal?
  • How can you ease the transition to working virtually from home?
  • Or we can simply have a friendly chat over coffee.

I encourage you to stay in touch. It’s important now more than ever. Schedule your video chat at

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