You’re the Best Communications Training Consultant? Hogwash!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales pitch.

As regular readers and contributors to this community know, I make my living as a communications training consultant. And I have a gripe.

It’s a beef with consultants who put forward such nonsensical, unverified statements as, “When it comes to media training and preparation for that critical interview, John Smith is simply the best.”

Or it may read, “Nobody in America can match Jean Jones’ experience in newspaper and television reporting, news media consulting, crisis managing, on-camera coaching.” And how about, “ABCXYZ and Associates is the best choice for media training for businesses and non-profit organizations at the local, national and International levels.” (By the way, I love the random capitalization of the word “International.” With that loose grasp of editorial understanding, I certainly wouldn’t want them writing for me either).

No joke here. These are real lifIncirlik members get dirtye examples (with the names changed to prevent embarrassment). Another favorite touts the consultancy as “The leader in message development and customized crisis consulting and media training services.”

Puh-leeze. There is no leader. There is no best. The fact is no single consultant is a good choice for every situation. Personally, I realize that I’m not a good match for local, non-profit organizations. That’s not my focus, not where I spend my time. There are other consultants who fit that type of group to a tee.

The best way to find a good match is to define up front what you want, then ask lots of questions of your potential communications training consultants.

When you hear wildly overblown claims such as those above, it’s time to look elsewhere. That consultant does not have your best interests in mind. Their overriding interest involves little more than putting your budget dollars into their pockets.

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